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You can download free demo and order the full version of the Friendly Seats. Differences between the versions are summarized in the table.

Download a demo version right now and test on practice the convenience and efficiency of our software solution. Demo version allows you to create 2 seats from 1 computer at home or in the office.

You can get a full version of Friendly Seats and the possibility of its renewal after registration.

Please, fill the form for ordering Friendly Seats using this link. We will process your order and offer to you the most convenient and fastest way to purchase the program.

After payment you will be allowed to download the newest full version of Friendly Seats, as well as the license key file to activate the program.


Differences between versions:

Friendly Seats Demo

Friendly Seats Full

Maximum seats


(See details...)

Supported O.S. Windows XP 32bit Windows XP 32bit

Absence of time limits

Session length
30 min.**

Free Updates*



* We are providing free upgrades within one major version (for example, from to
** The maximum continuous (without restarting Windows) computer work time in multiuser/multiseat mode is limited to 30 minutes.