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Demo version of FriendlySeats can be used only for organizing two workstations from one base unit, and the duration of continuous operation of the system is limited to 60 minutes. Full version has unlimited work time, and can be used to run up to eight independent workstations from one base unit.


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Bank payment cards

If you have a bankcard with the ability to make payments via the Internet, you can use it to pay for software. We accept credit and debit Visa and MasterCard cards, issued by all the banks worldwide. Fill out the order form for the purchase using a payment card, enter your name, the required number of seats, hardware ID and contact e-mail to communicate with you. Then your browser will be redirected to the site of the processing center. At this site, you will enter the details of a payment card and confirm the payment. Within 24 hours after making the payment, we will send the necessary codes and activation files to your e-mail. Please note that to get the full version of the FriendlySeats program, you need to tell us the hardware ID of the computer.


Wire transfer

You can purchase the program by written order, this option is available worldwide. Fill out an order form on our website, and we will send documents for payment through any bank.

We will send invoice for payment, a contract for the purchase of software and the act of execution of the contract. We ask you to print the contract and act, sign them by hand, scan, and send us by e-mail. These documents are required by our bank, so we prepare and send you a package of documents personally for you. From the moment of payment until the transfer of money into our bank account, it normally takes up to seven days. Once the money goes to our account, as well as documents on payment from you, we will send a full version of the software, license codes and files to your e-mail within 24 hours.

Also, at your request we can send all the necessary payment documents in hard copy to your postal address. Sometimes it is required by state organizations.


Western Union Money Transfer

You can purchase the software using the Western Union Money Transfer, this payment method is acceptable all over the world. We send you the name and address to which you need to make the transfer, this transfer can be accomplished in any bank. Within 24 hours after we receive your remittance, we will send the necessary licensing codes and files to your e-mail. The duration of money trensfer istelf is usually from one to seven days. Documents, proving the right to use the software will be sent to you by postal address, if you specify it


Fill in the order form on our website now and select your preferred method of payment. You can also contact us, using phone, e-mail, or other type of communication, we'll show you the quickest and most convenient ways to pay.